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01: Documentary Credit List and Work Examples



kevin richardson“Killer IQ” (Episode 2)  2 Part Natural History Series with KINGDOM FILMS. Producer -Richard Slater Jones. Series Producer – Virginia Quinn

Smithsonian Channel / Terra Mater Factual Studios / Discovery Channel (Animal Planet) ` ­

Two part series exploring social intelligence in lions and spotted hyenas. Kevin Richardson (dubbed The Lion Whisperer) uses his unique relationship with his animals to help scientists research the cognitive abilities of these social creatures.

Speed kills black lagoon“Speed Kills – ­Black Lagoon” 50′  Natural History  with EARTH TOUCH. 

National Geographic Wild / Smithsonian Channel

Blue Chip show using specialised high speed Phantom Cameras.


cameramen who dare“Cameramen who Dare’ 50″  Natural History Documentary. Episode from 3 part series with AQUAVISION TV PRODUCTIONS. Producer Ben Hewett

National Geographic Wild
Stand Alone on the behind the scenes work of various industry established cameramen. Offline editor and Offline Sound Designer.


Buffalo Warrior“Buffalo Warrior” 50’ Stand Alone with Aquavision TV Productions. Producer Kira Ivanoff

National Geographic & Animal Planet

Lynsey Hunt goes from Buffalo Hunter to Conservationist. AWARD: Honorable Mention for Good Conservation Story – International Wildlife Film Festival



bbcworld_logo_2“Lease of Life” 25′ Stand alone documentary with BAREFOOT PRODUCTIONS. Producer Alex Gabbay

BBC World

Environmental documentary based in Nepal for release on BBC World’s Earth report. Offline and Online


beach-125x125“Just Trial and Error” 60’ creative Art / Science Documentary. Monkey and Me Films. Producer: Alex Gabbay

Indie Documentary.

This fascinating film bounces the subject consciousness off various interviewees including acclaimed British sculptor, Antony Gormley. Documentary was screened at the Barbican in London, has had numerous mentions and awards around the world and is currently being screened at the prestigious Rubin Museum in New York.  AWARD:  Special Mention from the jury for “outstanding statuesque and visual depiction of the sophisticated topic”. 




Please Note: Mostly Corporate in here. Documentaries @ 01:00.



I have edited many promos in between documentary and corporate Edits. Here is an example of One:





“Africa’s Super Seven” 50’ Stand Alone Natural History Documentary. Assistant Editor. (Editor: Candice Odgers / Producer: Susan Scott)

“London 2012 Olympic Games” - “Taekwondo discipline” Live Event Editing. Responsible for half day highlight packages, mood montages and Road to Final VT’s.

Manoto TV (Farsi language channel)

Senior Editor for this dynamic start­up channel aimed at the younger Persian audience. Within 4 years, the channel has become more influential in Iran than it’s competitors BBC Persia. Documentaries, shorter VT’s and channel promos were edited to tight deadlines using all offline, online and sound editing skills.

Shows included “Come Dine With Me” (In Persian) and “Googoosh Music Academy”
Dealing with foreign language edits emotively and faster editing practices were vital.

“Barclaycard Mercury Prize Music Awards” Preparation and editing of VT’s to be played with live camera feed of celebrity interviews from the red carpet.

Barclaycard Wireless Festival (Hyde Park)

Onsite, deadline driven editing at London’s Hyde Park for this annual music festival.
Packages consisting of material from the festival such as artist interviews (including Chemical Brothers, Snoop Dogg) were edited every hour and exported to play on the main stage screens between acts.

EDF Energy sponsors the 2012 London Olympic Games

Corporate sponsorship video highlighting the advantages and implications of nuclear power stations. Multicam edit which needed much care and attention due to the sensitivity of the subject.

Playstation ­ Faithless Concert

Multicam offline and online edit consisting of 6 cameras Delivery for DVD and Playstation content


Online video cumulating past adverts and promotional material. Nominated at the National Media and Marketing Awards, London.